30 key statistics about text messaging and customer service for businesses

It’s no secret that traditional customer service channels such as email and phone are in sharp decline.

Times have changed and so have user habits. With the technology in our pockets advancing at a rapid rate, mobile phones are being increasingly used in every part of our daily lives.

In the world of customer service, this translates to the fact that text-based services such as Live Chat and text messaging (and not just SMS) now dominate.

And here are some statistics to back this up.

The rise and rise of smartphones

An increasing preference for texting

Text messaging services

Text-based customer service

Customer satisfaction

The potential of text-based customer care

The numbers speak for themselves. All businesses looking to stay competitive need to get on the text messaging train.

The vast majority of your customers now, and practically all of them in the near future, will be on smartphones. And the majority of their interactions will be text-based.

As a result, traditional channels will no longer be relevant, and if you cannot respond to queries via text message, quickly and in real time, you will be left behind.

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