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Erik Windahl Olsen

Co-founder of Superagent and the product architect

Erik Windahl Olsen

In a previous life Erik started and ran a successful web hosting business for almost 20 years. He started the company out of his dorm room in high school (perfect cliché, right?) and later successfully exited the business to GoDaddy — the worlds largest web hoster and domain registrar.

Erik’s old company became the platform for GoDaddy Scandinavia. He stayed on as the leader of GoDaddy Scandinavia for 4 years before his founder gene kicked back in and the urge to create something new became too big to ignore.

Erik has worked in customer centric organisations in all of his business life. Starting with only himself as the entire “customer service department” in the early days of Webhuset — to an organisation with several thousand customer care agents spread around the world.

With this background and experience he saw an opportunity to improve helpdesk software and decided to co-found Superagent with Andreas Helland.

Andreas Helland

Co-founder of Superagent

Andreas Helland

Andreas started his career in tech with video streaming solutions. Starting out as a part-time employee he moved through the ranks at the Norwegian broadcaster TV 2 before becoming a part of the founding team at Vimond. At Vimond, Andreas was part of growing the company from a small nordic outfit to a global power player within streaming tech through several C-level positions.

In 2019, Andreas founded Atender.io, a company that supports early stage companies, start-ups, scale-ups and growth companies in establishing global customer care organisations through recruitment, technology and consulting.

Through the experience at Atender it became evident that customer communication was entering a new paradigm, and that is when he founded Superagent together with Erik Windahl Olsen.