The opportunity in chat

  • The website chat and help desk market was estimated to USD 11 bn in 2023
  • The market is estimated to grow by 8% yearly until end of 2028
  • Only 51% of businesses utilise some sort of help desk software today

In its current form the help desk market is to a large extent focused around technology and online based businesses. At SuperAgent we believe this will change in the years ahead of us.

More and more traditional businesses need to become more efficient and handle customer communication similar to how customers are used to being met in the online space.

Research show that already more than 80% of customers requesting information via social channels expects a reply within an hour. Higher customer expectations are meeting all businesses across all markets.

Examples just to get your imagination going:

  • A construction company (or even just a one-man carpenter business) needs to respond to customer enquiries in all channels — both from the office and while on the road.
  • Lawyers need to respond quicker to clients and clients need to feel more welcome and less thresholds contacting a lawyer's office.
  • Restaurants need to handle enquiries regarding bookings and menus in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Any one person business or small team will eventually feel the need for a communication tool like SuperAgent in order to meet customers in a more professional manner. Customers don't want to email a hotmail or yahoo email address - it feels unprofessional and you expect it to take a long time for an answer.