How to stop dropping potential customers on Live Chat

So, you’ve made the first step. You’ve upgraded your business’ website to include a Live Chat function.

Conversions are up, your agents are getting through more tickets, customers are more satisfied and, most importantly, you’re saving money on customer service.

However, despite all these advantages, you’re now encountering one of Live Chat’s major drawbacks: dropped chats.

Why do live chats get dropped?

There are three main reasons why you might lose contact with a potential customer who has reached out to you via Live Chat:

1) The customer accidentally closed the window or tab

The most common reason for a user to abandon a Live Chat conversation is a quite simple one: they accidentally closed the window or tab.

While there is not a lot you can do about this, this can prove to be an additional frustration for customers. They’ve already encountered an issue or not found the information they need and now they have to begin the process all over again.

This could even lead to them going elsewhere.

2) The client forgot the chat was open

If you’re online, trying to get through a whole load of chores or just catching up with your social media and emails, it’s highly likely that you’ll have multiple tabs open at the same time.

In the modern age, we’ve all become internet multitaskers, juggling multiple balls every time we pick up a device. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we sometimes forget something is pending.

You might open a Live Chat but switch to another distraction, especially if you’re made to wait.

3) The agent didn't respond in time

This takes us on nicely to the third reason for dropped live chats. If customers have to wait in a queue to speak to an agent, or they’re left waiting several minutes for a response once the chat has begun, they are much more likely to leave (as many as 57%).

Either they will run out of patience and go in search of quicker answers elsewhere or they will become distracted in the virtual world and forget that the chat was open in the first place.

How to avoid dropping customers on Live Chat

Customers are much more likely to be satisfied with the customer service they receive if it is one of two things: immediate (up to 90%) and/or flexible.

So, what is the solution to dropping customers on Live Chat?

Answer more quickly

This one is quite self-explanatory. This quicker you solve your customers’ queries, the smaller the chance they have of disappearing.

With Superagent, support staff can get through a lot more tickets thanks to intuitive tools such as keyboard shortcuts and conversation blocks. These can help save time for everyone.

Conversation blocks, which can be intros, bodies and closings, only have to be written once, saved, and then inserted into any conversation wherever appropriate.

It will help make your agents more efficient, deliver consistently accurate answers without typos and maintain your company's tone of voice.

What’s more, with Superagent, they can be easily activated by keyboard shortcuts directly in the conversation window.

Together, conversation blocks and keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to boost productivity and reduce reply times.

Move your customer support to the platform of their choice

Customers like to have options. Depending on where they are from, they may strongly prefer one platform over another.

So, why not give them the choice?

Thanks to async, Superagent can seamlessly shift your customer support from Live Chat to WhatsApp, SMS, or email - whichever channel your customer prefers.

This is a lot more convenient for the user. They can interact at their own pace, they won’t be disconnected and they can return to the interaction later, if necessary.

Never lose a connection with Superagent

With Superagent, you’ll never lose a connection with a potential customer again.

Download Superagent and make use of our intuitive tools to deal with your customers’ queries all in one place.

Increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction and save money by responding to clients both quickly and on the platform of their choice.