7 tips for using WhatsApp as a customer service channel

Nowadays, with text messaging the most used data service in the world, it’s therefore unsurprising that this channel is becoming more and more prominent in the world of customer service.

As of 2022, traditional customer service channels such as telephone and email have been experiencing a sharp decline with85% of customers preferring to receive text messages over a phone call or email.

Whatsapp, the world leader

There are various text messaging services available across the globe. We’re no longer dealing exclusively with SMS… we now have to add Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and many more into the equation.

However, there can be no doubt about which one is on top of the tree. The most popular text messaging service in the world is Whatsapp.

Here are some key statistics about the app:

  • Whatsapp has approximately two billion active users per month.
  • More than 20 per cent of people use the application.
  • Around 100 billion messages are sent on Whatsapp every day (compared to just 18 billion via SMS).
  • Whatsapp is the clear leader in key markets such as Latin America and Southern Europe.

Making the most of Whatsapp for your business

Given its global reach, Whatsapp can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business.

Here are 7 tips which can help you make the most of it.

1) Inform customers they can reach out to you on WhatsApp

This may seem obvious, but many consumers are still used to traditional customer service channels and might not expect to be able to get in touch with you via Whatsapp.

If they know that you can be contacted via their favourite messaging application (instead of by phone or email), that could make a huge difference. However, this only works if you tell them that they can find you there.

Adding the Superagent software to your website gives clients the option to contact you via WhatsApp, or through whichever platform they like.

Another way many businesses show that they can be reached on WhatsApp is by making the most of the app’s QR code capabilities, placing these codes on offline communication materials (business cards, packaging), providing customers with an immediate line of communication.

2) Complete and keep your WhatsApp Business Profile updated

Having a WhatsApp Business Profile makes it easier for customers to connect with you.

And crucially, having an up-to-date and complete one, with important business information (ie. your address, description, opening hours), provides credibility for your brand.

3) Set realistic response time expectations

You can also use your WhatsApp Business Profile to set expectations for how and when customers can interact with you on the app.

Everything is immediate in the internet age. Customers don’t think about business hours (nor time differences if your company serves international markets) when they have an urgent query.

This is why it’s important that customers know how long they might be expected to wait for an answer.

4) Use Conversation Blocks to answer simple queries

With a dynamic tool such as Superagent, you can cut these wait times by answering basic queries in a semi-automatic way.

With Conversation Blocks (pre-written templated answers), you can answer queries quickly and with a consistent level of quality.

This means that your customer service agents can then spend more time working on requests that need a human touch and your clients receive quick responses, improving customer satisfaction.

5) Make good use of Whatsapp’s media features

While WhatsApp exchanges are primarily text-based, the platform supports a large range of media, including images, videos, audio and even documents, including PDF files.

Use this to your advantage.

If a customer has a problem with a product, ask them to send a photo or video. Likewise, send them an instructional video or manual to help with their issue.

This will make your customer service much more efficient and you will appear more dynamic.

6) Be proactive with your messaging

One major benefit of Whatsapp is that the conversation can continue at any time, if desired.

You can follow up with customers after a purchase, for example, to see if they have any questions or need help. This is a great way to forge strong relationships with your customers and, in turn, increase brand loyalty.

Equally, making use of the aforementioned media capabilities, you can also send customers promotional videos or product catalogues.

7) Integrate WhatsApp with your other messaging channels

WhatsApp may be incredibly popular, but don’t put all your eggs in the one metaphorical basket.

Incorporate WhatsApp into your overall customer service offering. After all, customers always appreciate having options.

What’s more, different channels are preferred in different locations.

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