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Compare health insurance for your small business and individual/family plans, & pick the best value.


“ We actually got better health coverage for less money. ”

Holly Frisque, Director of Administration, Gizmo5

A summary of the best health insurance each carrier offers.
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Comprehensive California Health Insurance Carriers

Introducing a health insurance platform that analyzes hundreds of California health plans to reveal your best choice. You gain the best insurance plan for your needs and confidence that you made the right financial decision.

The key in finding the best health insurance is in calculating your actual out of pocket costs. The SuperAgent Insurance Solutions engine factors premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, maximum out of pocket costs and different claim levels to show what the real costs to you are if you get sick.

Reduce your healthcare costs. We have a strategy to save you money on health insurance without sacrificing quality of care. Often 20% or more. Take a minute to enter your zip code and see how your current health coverage compares.

Health Insurance Plan Comparison Features

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