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Superagent remains free for up to 25 contacts. No credit card necessary




€ 0 / month

Gives you time and flexibility to test Superagent for as long as you want and with no feature restrictions.

Up to 25 contacts per month

Up to 3 team members

Unlimited Email & Live Chat conversations

Create up to 2 teams/departments

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No credit card required


€ 25 / month

Everything in Free, plus:

Unlimited contacts and conversations

Unlimited agents

Unlimited Email & Live Chat conversations

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€ 45 / month

Everything in Startup, plus:

Unlimited teams

Unlimited Chat Experiences

Remove Superagent branding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by contacts?

Meet John. John counts as one contact. He can have several phone numbers and email addresses associated to his contact card. Also Facebook Messenger and other channels. You can communicate as much as you want with John in any number of these channels throughout a month. He still counts as one contact, no matter how many times or in how many channels you communicate with him.

What happens when I reach 25 contacts in a month?

After having interactions with 25 contacts on the Free plan, you will be notified when you start on the 26th. You will then be allowed an additional 5 contacts, just to give you time to upgrade. If you still haven't upgraded by the time you reach 30 contacts, you will need to upgrade before you can interact with additional contacts.