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The SuperAgent tool is a service of SuperAgent Insurance Solutions dba of Ask Us Financial & Insurance Service, a licensed insurance brokerage in San Diego, California. The SuperAgent tool empowers business owners and employees to make smart decisions. SuperAgent brings answers backed by science.

  • Steve Downey

    35 years in health insurance spent showing folks how to buy smart health plans.

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Building business web apps and startups back when you still called it the "world wide web".

  • Fred Cartier
    Sales Strategy

    Specializing in health plan solutions that contain cost and improve health.

Hardcore Technology

Helping you make smart health insurance decisions is our mission.

The SuperAgent software suite compiles real health claims scenarios and tests them against the design of every health insurance plan. The real cost to the insured at each level of claims is cataloged and compared against competing health plans.

Using this method we are able to find which health plans perform well under heavy use. We then assign grades to insurance plans based on their performance profile.

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Once upon a time a broker sat down for an espresso with a Czechoslovakian economist in a quiet San Diego cafe.

Costs of healthcare were rising rapidly, and the broker lamented that he had difficulty persuading his clients to select cost-efficient health insurance plans.

Using a spreadsheet, they modeled how different health plans responded to claims. This was the first step in scientifically demonstrating why one plan is better than another.

We've been working to translate those results into English ever since.

A truly revolutionary tool. Nice work Steve and Team! ”

Tom Magnus, Regional Sales Manager, Anthem Blue Cross

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Our corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, California.

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